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2 Responses to “MEDIA”

  1. Chuck McFall says:

    Hello: My father, Rev. Merrill B. McFall, was pastor at your church in the mid 1930’s until about 1940. I’m writing a memoir about his life and would appreciate including a picture of your church as it existed, with spire, in the 1930’s. Do you have such a picture and would you give me permission to include it in the book? My publisher requires it be in jpeg format.

    Thank you. And God Bless you and your church and all of the people whom you have served over the years.

    Chuck McFall

  2. Katharine Hadow says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen pictures like that on eBay, especially old postcards. Today (May 2), there are no postcards showing the spire, but it’s worthwhile to check back. I operate on the assumption that if a postcard was printed before 1947, the copyright has expired. I go ahead and use it.

    You can ask the reference librarians at the Crown Point Community Library. They maintain a special file for Crown Point history.
    You can even email them at

    Finally, there’s a picture of the “Old First Methodist Church” (showing the spire) on page 97 of “Crown Point Indiana 1834-1984.” That book was published in 1984, so I’d operate under the assumption that the publisher owned the copyright. That wouldn’t stop you from creating a derivative work, such as an ink sketch…

    Good luck